Laura is a Brooklyn based artist, compassionate teacher, and dedicated healer. In addition to being a certified Reiki Master, Breathwork Healer, and Transformational Coach, Laura holds a BFA in acting from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She teaches Breathwork and Reiki at Maggie Flanigan Studio, Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop and has a private practice.

For the last ten years, she has been pursuing a career in acting. As she drudged through the aspiring actor grind of auditions, cold calls, headshots and competition, she was introduced to Reiki. Through receiving Reiki healing and then getting initiated as a Reiki healer, she had a spiritual awakening.

This awakening made very clear to her the pain artists, especially actors, endure on a daily basis. Actors are under constant scrutiny auditioning, meeting with casting directors and forced to market themselves as a product. If they are lucky enough to book the role, they will endure rigorous work hours and emotionally draining scenes. Her dream is to help heal the mind and body of actors and artists clearing their energy fields and giving them the clarity to create. 

It is through the care of one's self that the artist is able to create. Laura hopes to facilitate that clearing enabling the artist to create from a healthier and more inspired place.